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Father of Hennessy/Chayot and Elouise/The Matriarch II, and son of The Dark. He is also a powerful metahuman in his own right, and attempts to be a caring parent to his daughters.

Aaron Ioannidis
Aliases Aap Oorda, Kevin Patterson
Alignment Mixed
Group Unknown
Rank Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Age 30s
Family The Dark (Father)

Wanda (Mother) Hennessy Benning (Daughter) Elouise Luviere (Daughter) Desolation in Light (Half-Sister) Gloom Glimmer (Half-Sister)

Power Classification Damage 7, Movement 8, Perception 6, Protection 10.
Threat Rating A+ Class
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown


Aap Oordra is one of the the world's ten recorded true speedsters. His ability actually speeds his body up to superhuman levels rather than just cheating physics. He has been known to have clocked his speed at Mach one speeds when given enough space to run in a straight line.

He can also manifest a blue monkey skin around him, which grants him additional protection. Aap Oordra has high levels of toughness and recovery as he was able to take three direct hits from Desolation-In-Light before going down and recovered in less than a week.

He also has a tracking ability that works like how a child imagines tracking by scent works. As long as he has smelt someone, and they have not used anything like teleportation, he can always find them.

His Tenent, the monkey, often encourages to kill, attack, rape, and otherwise harm nearly everyone around him, particularly enemies, but allies as well. There are few exceptions, such as Hennessy and Elouise, though others may also exist.


Aap Oordra is the son of The Dark and Wanda Ioannidis, a psychologist who tried to heal The Dark, though they ended up falling in love. At some point, a mob gathered, and lynched his mother. Aaron flew into a rage, his father only arriving in time to cover things up. After that point, and some disagreements with his father, Aaron left home, intending to never contact him again.

He went on to be a prankster villain in Chicago for a time, before he left to participate in the Caliphate War, unknowningly leaving behind two daughters, Elouise and Hennesy. He took part in The Great Clusterfuck, fighting The Caliphate, the Sovjets and then Desolation-in-Light. Afterwards, he was taken prisoner by the Sovjets, before breaking out repeatedly, facilitating many others' escapes. There were several attempts to reeducate him, though all were unsuccessful. Eventually, he was placed in the supermax section of Koschei's Chest, where he stayed until released by the revolution. Eventually, he returned to the U.S., receiving a medal for his service, and went back to Chicago. There, he discovered his two daughters, reconnected with old friends, and took care of The Ascendant. He even reconnected with his father, though their relationship is still not fully healed.



 Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl):[]

Cape/Cowl Costume:[]


The Dark - Father.

Wanda Ioannidis - Mother.

Hennessy/Chayot - Daughter.

Eloise/The Matriarch - Daughter.

Tamara/Meow Meow - Former lover.

Warren/Cartastrophy - Friend and former teammate.

Journeyman - Friend

Matriarch I - Former employer and one time lover.

Desolation-in-Light - Half-Sister

Gloom Glimmer - Half-Sister