Jessica "Jessy" Smithson
Aliases Amazon
Alignment Hero
Group UH New Lennston
Rank Member, Leader of UJH New Lennston
Nationality Unknown
Age College
Family Unknown
Power Classification Adonis, Protection
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

A member of the UH New Lennston, and overseer of the UJH New Lennston, Amazon is the only adult superhero in New Lennston for most of the story.

Abilities: Edit

Adonis, Protection; she can take anti-tank rounds and stay standing.

History: Edit

Was drugged and mind controlled by Mindstar for a month, which has since caused a large amount of animosity between the two.

Personality: Edit

Appearance: Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Tall, with long blond hair and sea-blue eyes.

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Tall, with a skintight scarlet jumpsuit, domino mask, and short cut blond hair.

Relationships: Edit

Jake Averly - Boyfriend

Mindstar - Rival

Rounds - Team Leader, Boss

Ursa Gemini - Teammate

Venatrix - Teammate, Mentor

Eyespy - Teammate

Bismuth - Teammate

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