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Amy is the older sister of Basil and is a villainess operating under the name Mindstar, and working for The Dark.

Amanda Brant-Blake
Aliases Mindstar, Amy
Alignment Villain
Group The Syndicate
Rank Dark Five
Nationality Unknown
Age >21(?)
Family Basil Brant-Blake
Power Classification Control 12

Damage 13 Manipulation 11 Movement 6 Perception 13 Protection 12 Physique 7 Morphing ?

Threat Rating S
First Appeared B000 Prologue
Last Appeared Unknown


Amy is a telekininetic, and a universal telepath. She is also capable of a slight degree of shape-shifting, mostly just coloration though.


About a month before the story begins, Mindstar debuted as a powerful telekinetic who had seduced Amazon to join her, though it was latter discovered that Mindstar was, in fact, a Universal Telepath. During Desolation-In-Light's attack on New Lennston, Mindstar killed her.


Amy acts as a parental figure to Basil, and is immensely over protective of him, wanting to inflict grievous mental and physical harm upon them if they even tried to hurt him.

She appears to have similar mental issues as Basil, including rampaging in her fight against Lady Light, and having memory issues. She may also have a higher power level of morphing than thought, as she once woke up, looked in a mirror, and saw herself covered in scars.


 Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl):[]

6'1" tall, curvy with dark eyes, she is, as Basil put it, the most beautiful women he's ever seen.

Cape/Cowl Costume:[]

Mindstar wears a black spandex body suit that leaves little to the imagination, with a purple starburst on the chest. Dark purple gloves and sharp-heeled thigh-high boots, together with a butterfly-shaped mask round out the outfit.


Basil/Brennus - Amy's brother

Lamarr The Purple - Mindstar’s teammate and lover. (Lover status has been called into question as mind-editing, as Amy is still a virgin)

The Dark - Mindstar's boss

Amazon - Rival

Desolation-In-Light - Killed