Aimihime Dannington
Aliases Bakeneko
Alignment Hero


Group UJH New Lennston


Rank Member

Member (Former)

Nationality Japanese/Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Danny Dannington (Father)
Power Classification Shifter
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared B001 First Run (Part 2)
Last Appeared Unknown

Aimihime Dannington is one of Basil and Tim's friends, though having become Bakeneko, they have grown more distant.

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Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Japanese-Caucasian, she trends more towards her asian heritage. Originally heavily overweight, this changed when she gained access to her shape-changing abilities. 160 centimeters tall.

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Relationships Edit

Danny Dannington - Father

Basil Blake - Friend

Timothy Louis - Friend

Osore - Teammate, both as Onis and in the United Junior Heroes New Lennston

Gloom Glimmer - Teammate (UJH NL)

Polymnia - Teammate (UJH NL)

Tartsche - Team Leader (UJH NL)

Spellgun - Teammate (UJH NL)

Outstep - Teammate (UJH NL)

Refrences Edit

B001 First Run (Part 2)