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Basil Basileus Bartholomew Balthasar Brant-Blake
Aliases Brennus
Alignment Vigilante
Group Brennus Team
Rank Founder and de facto Leader
Nationality Unknown
Age 14 *Deceased*
Family Amanda Brant-Blake
Power Classification Gadgeteer - 7/5 (Estimated)
Threat Rating A
First Appeared Prologue [1]
Last Appeared Unknown

Basil Basileus Bartholomew Balthasar Brant-Blake is the main character of the Blazing Stars Trilogy. He acts as vigilante, under the name Brennus, his costume and inventions following a raven motif. Has major mental issues and is somehow related to, or is, Macian. He was killed by Desolation-in-Light's attack on New Lennston.


Gadgeteer - 7/5 (Estimated)

Brennus' specialty has yet to be discovered, though it may have something to do with electromagnetism.


Approximately two years before the story begins, Basil and Amy did not exist. Soon after, records were falsified enough to fool everyone, including Wyrm and The Dark, into believing them real. Upon more recent review, however, it has been revealed that while those records may have been real at the time, they are no longer.


Likes providing exposition, and is often times blind to certain interpersonal interactions. Many core memories are being suppressed, with fake ones in place, though who, how or why are unknown. Some small(er) issues are due to The Dark placing a Darkwraith in his mind to prevent Basil from thinking about a certain invention. This may be a force field?

Has multiple voices in his head:

  • The Man in the Moon: Macian?
  • The Blazing Sun: Appears to be a manifestation of his power.
  • The Raging Heart: "mine mine mine..." is all it every says. Appears horrifying, made of flesh and steel. Not something found in a healthy mind.
  • At least one more, who takes over when he rampages. Macian?

Notably, Hastur is able to listen into communication, and Basil talking to any of these is subject to her listening in. Implications unclear.


Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl):[]

5'10", he is pale, and with long dark hair, that is extremely messy.

Cape/Cowl Costume:[]


Prisca/Gilgul - Girlfriend and teammate

Amy/Mindstar - Older sister

Vasiliki/Hecate - Teammate

Dalia/Tyche - Teammate

Tim - Childhood friend

Aimihime/Bakeneko - Childhood friend

Eudocia - Basil's AI 'daughter'. Built by Macian.

Gloom Glimmer - Friend

Desolation-In-Light - Killer