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A team of vigilantes operating in New Lennston, formed after a battle against the Snow Queen. They often act together with the UJH New Lennston.


The Team was founded after a battle between the Snow Queen vs. Brennus, Tyche, and Hecate. Hecate was wounded after the fight, so Brennus and Tyche took her back to his base. There, after healing her and sleeping, they decided to work together in the future. Timothy and Stephanie both became aware of Basil's and Vasiliki's identities respectively, and joined as mission control. During the Hastur incident, when Prisca manifested, she join on as well as Gilgul.

Several events, including Prisca's death, Dalia discovering her power's drawbacks, Basil and his sister's identities becoming known and Vasiliki's reaction to this lead to the possibility of it being permanently disbanded.


Brennus - De Facto Leader & Founder

Tyche - Founding Member

Hecate - Founding Member

Gilgul - Member

Timothy Louis - Mission Control

Stephanie Ioupoulou - Mission Control