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A young homeless girl, she was one of the five Point Zero Manifestations. Note- The sole Point Zero manifestation known to have died.

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Unknown, possibly Flight and some manner of protective shield.

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She was an orphan who survived on the streets until she happened upon the home here Gwen Whitaker and Franz-Peter Ismael Goldshcmidt lived. There, for several months, she ate food from their dumpster that they left out for her, though she didn't let them come to close, being scared of them. Eventually, on the night of January 1st, 1922, Jake the Janitor managed to convince her to come inside, where she ate her fill of food. Unfortunately, that night, Point Zero occurred, ending in her being one of the five manifestations from it.

Later, she became Lady Light's sidekick until near the end of WWII. When she was acting undercover in Weisswald's regime, she was discovered, and personally killed by him.

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As a child, she was skittish, and scared of everyone around her.

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Jake the Janitor - One of the only people who was ever kind to her.

Lady Light - Mentor

Weisswald - Murderer

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