History: Edit

Historically, it seems to be very similar to our timeline's Chicago. Aap Oordra was a prankster villain some time ago. The Speed Freakz were a group of metahumans at the same time, though their alignment is unclear.

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UJH Chicago Edit

The branch of the UJH in Chicago, consisting of Chayot, Slough, Dearheart, and Tin Can. Overseen by Vek.

Three Heaven's Gates Edit

The gated community on the shores of Lake Michigan in which the Bennings live (Tamara/Meow Meow, Hennessy, Charity).

The House on Merlin Street Edit

Aaron/Aap Oordra's home. While he was away, it was taken care of by the Original Matriarch and, when she died, the Second Matriarch.

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