Richard Svenson
Aliases Cloudlander
Alignment Villain
Group Companions of the Future Humanity First!
Rank Big Three (CotF)

Leader (HF)

Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown
Power Classification Unknown
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

Under a name, possibly his real name, Richard Svenson, he is known worldwide as the leader of “Humanity First!”, the world’s biggest legal anti-metahuman organisation. He is secretly a metahuman himself, however, manipulating them towards the ends of the Gefährten. Has a close relationship to Heaven’s Dancer.

Abilities: Edit

None have yet been revealed, possibly an Adonis.

History: Edit

Personality: Edit

Cold and detached in almost every regard, save for Heaven's Dancer, though he is very capable of manipulation.

Appearance: Edit

He is tall, well muscled with dark blue eyes, and has his blond hair carefully trimmed to convey a serious, trustworthy image.

Relationships: Edit

Fearless Leader - Boss

Heaven's Dancer - Mother-Figure(?), Colleague

Skyfall - Colleague

References: Edit

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