Also know as Die Gefährten (der Zukunft). They are a group of metahumans who believe in Metahuman Supremacy, and have been around for nearly the entire time since Point Zero. Somehow related to Weisswald.

History: Edit

Membership: Edit

  • Fearless Leader (???): the supposed founder and leader of the Gefährten. It’s unclear whether this is his actual codename or just a nickname given by his subordinates. In fact, nothing beyond this nickname is known of him, even to the Dark.
  • Heaven’s Dancer (???): a founding member of the Gefährten and one of the oldest metahumans around. She absolutely hates Lady Light, but is too terrified of the woman to act directly against her.
  • Cloudlander (Richard Svenson): known worldwide as the leader of “Humanity First!”, the world’s biggest legal anti-metahuman organisation, he is secretly a metahuman himself, manipulating them towards the ends of the Gefährten. Has a close relationship to Heaven’s Dancer.
  • Skyfall (???): the newest and youngest member of the Gefährten’s top executives. A teenage girl involved in some unclear experimentation in Asia. Her appearance blends the features of a variety of races, making it impossible to pin down her exact ancestry and origin.
  • Immanuel: A very beautiful, very old man with an incredible gift for manipulating people, by way of some kind of high-grade Esper power. Old enough to have known Weisswald personally. The Dark really, really, reallyreally hates him.
  • Konrad: The group's strongest combatant.
  • The Ascendant: one of the names passed down within the Gefährten. The Ascendant’s duty has, always, been to develop the means to deliberately create new metahumans. No holder of the title has ever been successful, yet, in spite of extensive human experimentation. The previous Ascendant was responsible for the incident which created Chayot, Dearheart and Slough and killed more than a hundred people – most of them children – besides. The new one may well be worse.
  • Dusu: a member of the Gefährten beneath Skyfall’s control. She is responsible for turning Hawaii into a wasteland for nearly a decade, killing thousands and crippling Prisca. Has been aiming to become the new Ascendant for two decades, but hasn’t had any succcess yet. One of four Gadgeteers banned from Toybox.
  • Blauschwinge: A German-speaking man with the ability to fly, and to weaken things he looks at. He is somewhat tougher and stronger than normal.
  • Weisswald (Adolf Hartmann): Said to be a member or at least associate of the Gefährten. Shared much of the same ideology.

The Instillation: Edit

A massive, city-like structure constructed on the surface of the water near the Mariana Trench. It is divided into two parts, one for gadgeteers, and the other for contrivers.

The Sleeper: Edit

A colossal monstrosity sleeping in the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench, and the focus of the Gefährten’s current scientific efforts, as they are trying to either wake it, or somehow exploit it to create more metahumans. Some people have even started revering it in a religious manner.

Skulls Squad Edit

A security team

Skulls XIII: Leader of the Skullmen with a withered, wrinkled but not old face. they’re part of a hive mind. She controls the Skullmen who are burned out and connected to herself. They’re barely sentient, more like automatons. Empty vessels that follow commands and stand ready as spare bodies for their master, in case his current host dies.

Boltstar: A tall man in a skintight, dark blue suit, across which danced two-dimensional lightning, his handsome face barely obscured by a blue domino mask, his brown hair cropped short.

Chronicle (Sammy): A woman, shorter than the others and younger, looking barely old enough to not be a girl anymore, wearing a mystic-seeming yellow robe with rich golden stitching and holding a thick, gold-bound book that was thicker than her arm to her chest, her young face looking at them with arrogance in her green eyes, peering at them through her dark blonde curls.

Karasuha (Tsukiko): Contriver, specialising on enchanting items with animal-spirit. A woman in a black-and-purple armored dress, with a bird-like helmet obscuring her head and a katana which was strapped to her hip.

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