The Control classification encompasses all those powers which allow a metahuman to influence or control other entities, be they humans, animals or constructs. The ability to induce emotions, control bodies or even minds falls under this classification.

Human Mind Control is one of its rarest expressions, with less than ten percent of all Control classifications allowing for outright control of another sentient being’s mind.

Most often, it is applied to animals or other discrete objects, such as cars, statues, etc.

Examples of tiers Edit

Exemplar tier – Buggy: a much-loved superhero operating in China, who can control large quantities of bugs, but only within a limited range; or Racer, who can control any car with his insignia on it remotely.

Paragons tier - capable of controlling human emotions to a greater degree, implant suggestions, control a single human under certain conditions or control large quantities of animals. Bestiality is one such controller, a woman capable of controlling entire herds of animals at a time.

Apex Tier - the much feared true mind controllers, people who can either completely control one person or take control over more than one to a limited degree. An example would be the late supervillainess Darling, who could use pheromones to control anyone who could smell her for significant amounts of time or Mindstar, who can only completely take over the mind of one person at a time, but can manipulate entire crowds to a lesser degree.

God Tier– of which there are only two confirmed cases. Mindfuck of the Savage Six, the single most powerful telepath on record, and Polis Megalos, the premier superhero of Greece, who is capable of controlling an entire city.

It should be noted that any universal telepaths are automatically assigned a threat classification of S-class.

Arise due to: Edit

Control powers are usually born out of feelings of alienation, loneliness. A person who lacks and longs for contact reaches out and forces the contact, in some way. Or, it is also possible that they manifest due to the need - and inability - to change someone or something in a non-physical way (change a loved one’s drug habit, supplant the drug addiction, for example).

Known Metahumans: Edit

Amy/Mindstar (The Syndicate) : Universal Telepath




Dearheart (UJH Chicago)

Mindfuck (Savage Six)

Polis Megalos