Dalia Fitzhampton
Aliases Tyche
Alignment Vigilante
Group Brennus Team
Rank Founding member
Nationality American
Age 14
Family Jana Fitzhampton (mother)
Power Classification Adonis 1-3 Contriver 7-9
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared First Run 4 [1]
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

Dalia Fitzhampton is teammate of Basil, Vasiliki, and Prisca. She is a vigilante superhero with the cape name of Tyche. She is a founding member of the Brennus Team. Formerly a victim of extreme bullying, Dalia manifested major probability manipulating powers and broke out of her own life.

Abilities: Edit

Dalia is a true probability manipulator. Her ability manipulates different sets of odds to give her positive results and negative to her enemies. Her power has the unfortunate side effect of granting her mother particularly bad luck as to even the scale. She is also an Adonis and has the relatively side abilities of minor regeneration, an immunity to disease, enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced agility, enhanced intelligence, and other small abilities that come standard with the Adonis package.

According to Immanuel of the Gefährten, the probability manipulators build up bad luck, and dump it somewhere – usually on themselves. But Tyche channeled the misery unto others instead, not necessarily those she hated either. Three girls who were mean to her- One committed suicide, one attempted, and the other went insane after meeting Hastur, and her mother continuously suffered small miseries.

History: Edit

Personality: Edit

 She tends to act very irresponsibly and ditzy (and she is), but her power more than compensates for it.

Appearance: Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Relationships: Edit

Jana Fitzhampton - Mother of Dalia

Basil/Brennus - Teammate of Dalia.

Vasiliki/Hecate - Teammate of Dalia.

Prisca/Gilgul - Teammate of Dalia.

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