Damage is, quite simply, the ability to cause physical damage. This is one of the three most common classifications and is generally straightforward. The most common form of this is an energy blast of some kind. This classification is only applied to a direct ability that causes damage. If a metahuman were to make a superstrong minion, for example, they would only receive a Spawning classification.

Example of Tiers Edit

Exemplar Tier - This is limited to the ability to cause damage that can be reproduced by modern weaponry. For example, the ability to accelerate small objects to terminal speeds.

Paragons Tier - This tier is a step up to larger, vehicle sized weapons, like gatling or tank guns.

Apex Tier - Powers that reach and surpass modern artillery and bombardments.

God Tier - The scary powers that are capable of wiping out most of a city in one use. This is what DiL commonly uses for her attacks.

Transcendent Tier - Theoretically, this power would be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. This power has yet to be seen, except for DiL in a couple of battles.

Arise due to Edit

Damage effects arise when the metahuman has the need to physically harm someone or otherwise destroy something. The damage is not necessarily ill-intended, and can simply be from the belief that offense is the best defense, the need to strike down an attacker, or to destroy an obstacle.

Known Metahumans: Edit

Aaron/Aap Oordra

Charybdis (United Heroes)


Konrad (Companions of the Future)

Lady Light

Little Boy (United Heroes)

Polymnia (UJH New Lennston)