Aliases Dusu
Alignment Villain
Group Companions of the Future
Rank Member
Nationality Chinese
Age Unknown
Family Unknown
Power Classification Gadgeteer
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

Dusu is a Gadgeteer working for the Companions of the Future, and responsible for the Hawaii Attack. One of the four gadgeteers banned from the Toybox

Abilities: Edit

Gadgeteering with a Plague specialty.

History: Edit

Eight years before the beginning of the story, Dusu unleashed a horrific plague upon Hawaii, killing most of the people, and horribly harming those left alive, while turning Hawaii itself uninhabitable. Prisca was one of those to survive, though she has since been bedridden. No amount of various healing powers or normal medicine has done anything save make the victims suffer slightly less. It was later revealed that it was intended to induce the Adonis trait in people, though it was a catastrophic failure. Dusu had unleashed the attack in an attempt to find a cure, having first administered a dosage to herself.

After being captured following Brennus Team and UJH New Lennston's attack on The Instillation, she was killed by Bismuth in her jail cell.

Personality: Edit

She apparently has a legendary temper, and seems uncaring about the death and pain she caused in the Hawaii Attack, save for that it has not yet found her a cure.

Appearance: Edit

With Glamour Charm: Edit

Just over five feet, with straight black hair, brown eyes, and a pretty face.

Without Glamour: Edit

White hair, mostly fallen out, her head merely skin taught across her skull, her skin pale, greyish and thin. Her gums are toothless, and her cheeks torn and holey, and her every breath wheezes. She says her body isn't going to last more than a few years.

Relationships: Edit

Prisca/Gilgul - Crippled Prisca in the Hawaii Attack

The New Ascendant - Co-worker

Skyfall - Boss (or higher)

Bismuth/Rosalie Fion - Killer

Roy Smith/Syrinx - Lab assistant, sometime lover

References: Edit