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Elouise is a villainess and queenpin in Chicago, operating under the cowl, The Matriarch. She is the daughter of the original Matriarch and Aap Oordra, and half-sister to Chayot.

Elouise Luviere
Aliases The Matriarch
Alignment Villain
Group The Matriarchy
Rank Leader
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown
Family The Matriarch (Mother)

Aap Oordra (Father) Chayot (Paternal Half-Sister) The Dark (Paternal Grandfather) Wanda (Paternal Grandmother)

Power Classification Spawner/Tiamat, Physique 6
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Interlude 7 Monkey Business part 3
Last Appeared Unknown

Abilities Edit

Elouise is a Physique 6 and a Spawner that can animate her own shadow. The shadow has minor precognition and defends her even if she is telepathically attacked. The shadow is capable of separating from her body to move and follow her targets, and the shadow a slew of minor powers, with at least human level intelligence, and sentience, and the ability to keep secrets from her. Her shadow has been known to rip her enemies to shreds.

History Edit

Elouise was conceived after one night set up as a front for getting Aap Oorda to impregnate herself, as a way to get one of the most powerful speedsters and fighters in her control. The original Matriarch sabotaged the protection, and made sure to use contrivance to make her extra fertile. The Matriarch raised her and once she triggered Elouise became her sidekick. She later replaced the original Matriarch.

Personality Edit

Elouise was said to be very lonely because of her mother, who kept her in solitude and isolated her from any friends. Upon seeing her family members she became deliriously happy. Her favorite foods are sour sweets, and pasta. Her favorite TV Shows are Castle, Bones, and Loveless (a hero/villain drama). Her favorite movie is The Dollars Trilogy, and her favorite musician is Polymnia.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Elouise is described as a rather attractive Adonis with white hair, purple eyes, full lips, and soft features.

Cowl Costume: Edit

The Matriarch’s costume is black and resembles something between a skintight suit and an evening dress, skintight above the waist, less tight below, with deep red stockings beneath. She wears pointy high heels with a  golden half-mask, covering her eyes, nose and part of her forehead, finely wrought to suggest some manner of bird.

Relationships Edit

Kevin/Aap Oordra - Father

Hennessy/Chayot - Half sister and archenemy

The Dark - Grandfather

The Matriarch I - Mother

Kakitsune - One of Elouise’s subordinates.

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