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Henry Appleton
Aliases Ember, Protege
Alignment Hero/Neutral
Group N/A
Rank N/A
Nationality English
Age 8, as of 2006
Family Lara Appleton (Mother)
Power Classification Unknown
Threat Rating S+
First Appeared B005 An Ember of Hope: Little Giants (Part 1)
Last Appeared Unknown


Ember is one of the three known S+ metahumans to ever live, and currently inactive. He sits on the edge of a fountain in his ruined hometown in southern England that has become The Protectorate, which has multiple layers of defenses, walls, and is perpetually manned by metahumans to keep anyone from attempting entry. His mere existence caused untold religious havoc, and nearly World War Three. Only his mental breakdown and self-exile saved the world from that fate.


One of the three known S+ Metahumans ever (Together with Desolation-in-Light and Emyr Blackhill), Ember's power is strange and unclear. He is capable of almost anything, including raising the dead. He is also capable of seeing powers as 'Stars'. Apparently The Dark knows the weakness of his power.


Henry Appleton is the son of Lara Appleton and an unknown man, possibly a pedophile. He was known throughout the world as an astounding artist, who could make masterpieces with incredible speed. On June 13th, 2006, he was at an exhibition where he painted in front of a crowd before the Savage Six attacked. Pristine attacked the city first, and went after him, as she wanted to foil Mindfuck's desire to get his hands on Henry. His mother manifested the ability to jump through shadows, which allowed her to escape with him, though while he was unconscious from hitting his head, they were somehow separated. Several of the Savage Six's minions tried to capture him, but were killed by Macian. The two boys worked together for the next couple days, including Ember giving Macian his names. He manifested his power when he decided to be a hero, and charged towards Fire Burial.


"If there is one person who only wanted to help, but ended up causing untold chaos, it is Ember."



Lara Appleton - Mother

Macian - Friend