Esperanza City is built on the ruins of Los Angeles, after it was destroyed by Desolation-in-Light in her first appearance.

History Edit

Los Angeles was destroyed by Desolation-in-Light after she teleported from Lady Light's womb into the middle of a fight between The Protector and Doctor Despair. It was later rebuilt into a much more advanced city, partially as a monument of defiance. It now has some of the best S Class protocols in the world, and is build to withstand almost anything.

During the Savage Six's attack on Los Angeles, Mindfuck was killed by Macian.

Crocell attacked Esperanza City after being set loose by the Gefährten from The Instillation. It was eventually brought down by a coalition of heroes, villains, and one of Sovereign's Subjugators. Specifically, Brennus, Polymnia, Tick-Tock and Boom-Boom modifying the Subjugator Mark VII. Many lives were saved by Journeyman working behind the scenes to evacuate people.

Points of Interest Edit

Protector Airport Edit

An airport named for the Hero Protector, who was killed by Desolation-in-Light. This is where Aaron/Aap Oordra arrived back into the U.S.

Memorial Obelisk Edit

An obelisk built to commemorate those killed by Desolation-in-Light.

UH Esperanza Edit

The United Heroes branch in Esperanza city, lead by Father Manus, consisting of Hollywood, Waverider, Little Boy, Silver Falcon, and Charybdis. The Junior Heroes include Tick-Tock, Vra, and probably others.

Oak Leaf Community Edit

The location of Vra's home.

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