Heaven's Dancer
Aliases Heaven's Dancer
Alignment Villain
Group Companions of the Future
Rank Big Three
Nationality American?
Age Over one hundred
Family Unknown
Power Classification Unknown
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

A founding member of the Gefährten and one of the oldest metahumans around. She absolutely hates Lady Light, but is too terrified of the woman to act directly against her.

Abilities: Edit

Unknown. Possibly some sort of self duplication, as it was mentioned she was in a disposable body when Brennus Team and the UJH New Lennston attacked the Instillation. Adonis?

History: Edit

The only original member of the Gefährten's Big Three still alive.

Personality: Edit

Appearance: Edit

She appears to be in her early thirties, has dark brown hair in ringlets, blue eyes with purple eye shadow, and scarlet lips. "A bust that could be best called as 'heroic'."

Relationships: Edit

Fearless Leader - Boss

Cloudlander - Colleague, Son figure(?)

Skyfall - Colleague

Immanuel - Fellow member of CotF

Konrad - Fellow member of CotF

References: Edit