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Hennessy Bennings is a Junior Hero in Chicago with the cape name Chayot. She is the daughter of Aap Oordra and Tamara Bennings.

Hennessy Bennings
Aliases Chayot
Alignment Hero
Group UJH Chicago
Rank Team Leader
Nationality American
Age 17
Family Aaron/Aap Oordra (Father)

Tamara Bennings (Mother)

Elouise Luviere (Half-Sister)

Charity Bennings (Half-Sister)

Gloom Glimmer (Half Aunt)

D.I.L. (Half Aunt)

The Dark (Paternal Grandfather)

Wanda (Paternal Grandmother)

Power Classification Meta/Variable, Physique/Adonis
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown


Hennessy is a powershifter, capable of gaining certain apex tier abilities based on her emotional state, and that of those around her. Her power is entirely dependent on emotions and gives her receptive and projective empathy to communicate with people around her as her manifestation made her unable to communicate verbally, or with body language, and it drains the emotions of nearby people to give a certain type of ability. Upon absorbing too much of a single emotion Hennessy will go into a berserk state and loses control.


Hennessy and her mother lived an impoverished life style prior to her mother’s marriage. When she was twelve years old she was kidnapped at a movie theater by The Ascendant along with 65 other children. Most of the children were drugged with contrived drugs, tortured, put into death courses, or worse. Many of the children died and after three days only four of them had survived. The United Heroes tracked him down, and he overdosed all four of them. They all manifested. One of the boys, The Jabberwocky, manifested with a S-Class ability. His ability somehow tainted the other’s as they lay dying. Chayot, Dearheart, and Slough all joined the Junior Heroes, after two years of largely unsuccessful therapy.



 Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl):[]

Hennessy is an Adonis, with dark skin, purple eyes, and black hair. She is nearly six feet tall.

Cape/Cowl Costume: []

Chayot's costume is white body-armour styled to evoke an angelic image with a golden bodysuit. Her costume is designed to conceal her figure more than accentuating it. Her mask was styled like a solemn humanoid with the beak of a hawk and the horns of an ox, with the facial lines themselves also suggesting some kind of cat.


Kevin/Aap Oordra - Hennessy's father.

Tamara/Meow Meow - Hennessy’s mother.

Eloise/The Matriarch - Hennessy's half sister and arch-enemy.

Irene/Gloom Glimmer - Hennessy’s half aunt.

Desolation-In-Light - Hennessy’s half aunt.

The Dark - Hennessy's grandfather.

Wanda - Hennessy’s grandmother.

Camille/Dearheart - Hennessy's teammate and girlfriend.

Slough - Teammate of Hennessy.

Tin Can - Teammate of Hennessy.

Smirk - Teammate of Hennessy.