Aliases Journeyman, Jake the Janitor, Aion
Alignment Neutral/Hero
Group None
Rank N/A
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Unknown
Power Classification Movement 13
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Interlude 7 Monkey Business (Part 4)
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

Journeyman, formerly known as Jake the Janitor, is an exceedingly low-profile character, known almost solely to the Whitaker-Goldshcmidt Family. Even the Gefharten and the Godking of Mars were not aware of his existence. He is possibly the oldest living human, having already been old when he witnessed the birth of Lady Light and The Dark. One of the five Point Zero Manifestations.

Abilities: Edit

Movement 13, possibly others.

He can travel between worlds, and nothing can stop him from going where ever he chooses to, according to Gloom Glimmer. He is, however, limited in certain aspects, by certain unknown rules. For instance, while he can occasionally take people to other parallel worlds, he can never take them to inhabited ones. He also seems to have some form of precognition, though using it to influence what is to be is also be limited by similar rules. Appeared completely immune to Elysium's time manipulation.

History: Edit

Formerly employed at St. Mary Memorial Hospital in Old Lennston as a janitor, he was there January 1st, 1900, when Gwen Whitaker and Franz-Peter Goldschmidt were born. He was later hired as a gardener by Franz-Peter's father, and kept on by Franz-Peter himself when his father died. He stayed there until Point Zero occurred, when he vanished in a flash of light. Appeared to be familiar, or at least aware of what Neverhere is. (Interlude 5 pt 1) Says that it shouldn't be showing up yet, but that it is not a threat (At least yet.)

Personality: Edit

Shares a fondness for 'The Classics' with The Dark, possibly being the one to instill it into him, as The Dark grew up. Said to have atrocious Knock-knock jokes.

Appearance: Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

When he was a janitor at St. Mary's Mercy Hospital, he was an reed-thin old man.

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

A long blue coat, and a mirror-like mask. It often reflects things that aren't there. He speaks, similar to the Dark, in a chorus of voices. This appears to be an intentional effect, as he speaks in fewer voices when he is more relaxed.

Relationships: Edit

Lady Light - Friend

The Dark - Former employer of Jake the Janitor, Friend

Gloom Glimmer - Journeyman acts as a Uncle figure for her. Former babysitter.

Aaron/Aap Oordra - Friend

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