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Gwen Diana Whitaker
Aliases Lady Light
Alignment Hero
Group None
Rank N/A
Nationality American
Age 112
Family The Dark(Husband)

Diantha Whitaker(Daughter) Desolation in Light(Daughter) Gloom Glimmer(Daughter)

Power Classification Adonis: 10, Generator 7 -> Wildcard: 10

Physique: 12, Damage/Protection: 7, Meta: 12

Threat Rating S
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown


(Gwen Diana Whitaker) Queen of Superheros, The First Hero, Paragon of Modern Virtue, The Fist of God. One of the two people responsible for Point Zero, the world’s first superhero and founder of the Shining Guardians and the United Heroes. She is the quintessential superhero.


Flight, Creation of 'Hard Light' weapons and armour, which are capable of destroying anything The Dark creates on contact. May also have some manner of information gathering power. Unclear.

Adonis: 10, Generator: 7 -> Wildcard: 10 (Hard Light Armament)


Physique: 12, Damage/Protection: 7, Meta: 12


Born January 1st 1900, in St. Mary's Memorial Hospital, Old Lennston, she was born at the same time as her future husband and, even mere minutes after their births, was capable of calming him. The people there included Jake the Janitor, a doctor, and two nurses.

The two of them were very active in their younger years, rescuing children from burning buildings, taking down a drug ring, finding lost children, writing nationally acclaimed poetry, and many other escapades, they continued on with this until they reached the age of 14, when they both joined the army for the first World War, The Dark pretending to be 4 years older, and Gwen pretending to be a man named Oliver Polliver. They were later, after many accolades, discovered and shipped back stateside, causing a rather large stir.

Their return to the states did, however, kick off their careers as genius scientist, later leading to Point Zero, occurring on midnight of January 1st, 1922, the evening prior to which The Dark had proposed to her (and been accepted.)

Following the death of Brightchild at the hands of Weisswald during WWII, she dropped the assault she was planning, and flew straight for him. The battle lasted a very long time, and next to no footage of it exists, due to the shock waves it caused. However, it ended with Weisswald dead.


Has a fairly no-nonsense personality, and sticks to her (Sometimes rather conservative) morals.


Physical Appearance (Non-Cape/Cowl):[]

Blond-Haired. Apparently extremely beautiful.

Cape/Cowl Costume:[]


Micheal Whitaker - Father

Diana Whitaker - Mother

The Dark - Husband

Diantha - First Daughter

Desolation-in-Light - Second Daughter

Irene Diana Whitaker/Gloom Glimmer - Third Daughter