Aliases Macian
Alignment Hero
Group Unknown
Rank Unknown
Nationality British
Age 7-8
Family Amanda (Sister)
Power Classification Gadgeteer
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared B005 An Ember of Hope: Little Giants
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

A very powerful gadgeteer, capable of constructing forcefields with ease. He met and saved Ember's life when the Savage six attacked Berlin, and the two of them may have continued working together after that, showing up during the London Nightmare as well. Has some unknown connection to Basil.

Abilities: Edit

Gadgeteer (God/Transcendant? Unknown)

History: Edit

How long he has been in the Savage Six's pocket dimension is unknown, as is how he got there, though he says he's never seen the stars. According to one of Basil's visions, Macian was brought outside once, where he saw a thunderstorm, and manifested. Met Ember when they attacked Berlin, saving his life. The two worked together with Dunstkreis to defeat Fire Burial, though what happened next is unclear. They were also together during the London Nightmare, and Macian was responsible for killing Mindfuck when they attack Los Angeles. The chronology of these events is unknown, though the London Nightmare came after Berlin.

At some point, Macian seems to have escaped, as the Savage Six are now searching for him. May be Basil now, and his sister Amy? Unknown.

Personality: Edit

Appearance: Edit

Long, shaggy black hair and a black iris on the right side of his head. The left half of his head is a burned mess, missing his eye and ear and most of his cheek. The flesh that remains is warped and twisted. He has a sheet of plastic for his cheek that merges with his skin, with metallic teeth and jaw as well, making it look like he has a permanent deranged grin on that side of his face. His left eye is an orb with glowing white and gold lines, surrounded by more bits of metal. A flat microphone sits where his ear should be, with antenna sticking out of his head where there should be hair. His left arm is robotic, to long compared to his unburnt one, with long, spider-like fingers. He speaks with a digital twang, probably due to the pieces of metal on his throat.

Relationships: Edit

Ember - Friend

Amanda - Little Sister (Amy?)

Basil - ???

Eudocia - Maker?

References: Edit