Manifestations are the event which leads to a baseline human becoming a metahuman - through the manifestation of superpowers.

Knowledge on ManifestationEdit

The following represents the present collective knowledge of humanity regarding manifestations - everything else is speculation.

  1. Manifestation usually takes place between the onset of puberty and the attainment of complete physical maturity.
  2. Manifestations that take place outside of this time frame almost always result in unusual powers and/or extreme power levels. Manifestation at a younger age tends to produce more powerful metahumans and vice versa.
  3. Manifestation is triggered through traumatic experiences that push a person to their physical and/or mental limit.
  4. Physical trauma usually produces physical powers, mental trauma mental powers.
  5. The intensity of the trauma required to cause manifestation varies.
  6. The more intense the required trauma, the more powerful the resulting powers (with some notable exceptions).
  7. Manifestation can not be forced. Every single such attempt has gone horribly wrong, barring some singular successes.
  8. Manifestation can not be reversed.
  9. Manifestation is usually instantaneous. There are some rare reports of manifestations that take up to 48 hours, but the length of the manifestation does not seem to give any information about the resulting powers.
  10. Manifestation is nearly always just as traumatic as the triggering event, if not more so. It always burns itself into the subject’s memory, along with the triggering event that precedes it.
  11. There are reports of vision quests, glimpses of the past, present and/or future and contact with strange, non-human entities during manifestations. No two such experiences are ever the same.
  12. Manifestation is currently still regarded as a purely supernatural event and impossible to be directly analyzed. Only the results of manifestations may be researched.

It is also known that reciprocated emotional links with existing metahumans influences manifestation. More links increase the stability of manifestation while more links to more powerful metahumans will in turn increase the power of the manifesting metahuman.

There also exists occurences of non-standard manfestation​, which almost invariably leads to non standard powers. Some examples of non-standard manifestation include:

  • Drug-Induced Manifestation - Drug-Induced manifestation, despite popular beliefs, are no more likely to result in manifestation than torture or high-stress combat. However, these manifestations almost always go spectacularly wrong due to the unbalanced mindset of the person triggering, often resulting in mental derangements. (Examples: Hemming, Heretic)
  • Near-Death Manifestation: The power gained will allow the person to survive their current situation
  • After Death Manifestation: Occurs after the body dies, but before brain death
  • Post-Death Manifestation: Occurs after brain death. Queen Madeline.
  • Pre-Birth Manifestation: Only two known Cases have occurred: Gloom Glimmer and Desolation-in-Light. Both manifested approximately 2 months before birth and gained an extraordinarily powerful adaptive powers
  • Point Zero Manifestations - Lady Light, The Dark, Journeyman, Peacock Lady, Brightchild