Manipulation effects entail all effects that, somehow, affect the physical world and do not fall into another category, making it the most expansive power classification. It can range from simple telekinesis to the stranger powers of time manipulation or probability manipulation and it can be either ranged, touch based or personal. For example, transforming stone to water through touch or creating a distortion of space and time at range.

Example of Tiers Edit

Exemplar Tier - Low-level elemental manipulation

Paragons Tier - Universal telekinesis as well as time, space, and gravity manipulation.

Apex Tier - Specialized kinetics who can move more than ten tons of material, universal telekinetics with up to ten tons of strength and this is also the minimal rating for true probability manipulators.

God Tier - The manipulators who can move entire buildings, using skyscrapers as thrown weapons for an example. 

Arise due to Edit

Manipulation effects manifests most often due to a need to physically change something, and the inability to do so otherwise. This puts it very close to Damage effects, and the same trigger may lead to both. The difference lies in the intention. Damage means outright destructive change, Manipulation may be neutral or constructive change, though it may also include destructive change, too.

Known Metahumans: Edit

Amy/Mindstar (The Syndicate)



Mold (The Living Trinity)