??? Luviere
Aliases The Matriarch I
Alignment Villain
Group The Matriarchy
Rank Leader
Nationality Unknown
Age *Deceased*
Family Elouise Luviere/The Matriarch II
Power Classification Perception
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Interlude 7 Monkey Business part 3
Last Appeared Unknown

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Description: Edit

Mother of Elouise and onetime paramour to Aap Oordra, The Matriarch was one of the oldest villains out there.

Abilities: Edit

Low-level Precognition, Enhanced Awareness, Empathy, etc.

History: Edit

Beginning in the early twenties, she was the first female supervillain, and one of the first metahuman crime bosses. She was killed by The Jabberwocky after The Ascendant caused his manifestation.

Personality: Edit

Highly manipulative and cold, Elouise knew even from a young age that her mother did not love her.

Appearance: Edit

Relationships: Edit

Aap Oordra - Onetime lover

Elouise/The Matriarch II - Daughter

The Jabberwocky - Killer

References: Edit