Morphing describes all effects that change the user’s physical form. For example, the ability to switch into a single, monstrous form, transform into living metal or just shape the user's hands into spheres of rock to better bash someone’s head in. There is often a variation which includes a single, or multiple, alternate forms, with all powers being restricted to this other form, leaving the metahuman to be completely human in her true form, and thus usually far more stable than usual, as the powered identity and the non-powered one can be more easily kept distinct.

Example of Tiers: Edit

Exemplar Tier - Generally limited in scope and use. For example, turning limbs into weapons, the skin into diamond or a single, natural form, like being able to turn into a single animal or into a single other person.

Paragon Tier - Includes the abilities to change into various forms within a single class – different animals, different humans and so on, or shapeshifting your limbs into various forms of the same material.

Apex Tier - Metahumans are capable of freely adjusting their form, though they are generally held back by a single limit. For example, Bakeneko cannot adjust her mass and is restricted to organic forms.

God Tier - Shapeshifters who are usually only limited by having to remain within a certain mass range. For example, Hemming can take on any organic or inorganic form and is only limited by his own imagination and a mass range of one tenth to about fifty times his own mass.

Arise due to: Edit

Morphing powers almost always spring from a feeling of physical inadequacy tied to a need to change, but no clear picture who or what to change into. It rarely, if ever, combines with the Physique effect, but may have analogous effects.

Known Morphs: Edit

Bakeneko (Onis, UJH New Lennston)

Hemming (Savage Six)

Slough (UJH Chicago)

Mindstar (The Syndicate)