Movement denotes all effects that enhance a persons capabilities to move around. Super-Speed, flight and teleportation are the most well-known examples.

Example of Tiers Edit

Exemplar Tier - Metahumans with exceptional, though not necessarily inhuman speed, the ability to stick to walls, walk on water or fly while still limited by natural laws. 

Paragons Tier - Powers like real Super-Speed, usually up to seventy miles per hour, short-range personal teleportation, the ability to move slowly through solid matter or true independent flight, often ignoring at least wind resistance.

Apex Tier - Powers that include flight that ignores most aeronautical laws and long-range teleportation and/or the ability to take other people along on your jumps.

God Tier - For example, the late Switchstep, who could teleport himself and up to six tons of mass from the surface of the Earth to the Moon and flight that completely ignores natural laws, including the laws of inertia.

Transcendent Tier - Journeyman, who can go anywhere, at any time, no matter who tries to keep him out. Journeyman can also visit parallel dimensions and alternate universes.

Arise due to Edit

The need to escape.

Known Metahumans: Edit

Aaron/Aap Oordra



Silver Falcon (United Heroes)



Waverider (United Heroes)