Aliases Osore
Alignment Villain(Former)


Group Onis(Former)

UJH New Lennston

Rank Field Leader(Former)


Nationality Japanese
Age Unknown
Family Unknown
Power Classification Unknown
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared B002 Rising Stars Part 6.4
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

A former member of the Onis, and now a member of the UJH New Lennston.

Abilities: Edit

Strong enough to punch through concrete, tough enough to not get hurt doing so. Able to make people relive fearful memories, even when said memories are forgotten or suppressed.

History: Edit

Caused Basil to have a vision of Vermillion Blades.

Personality: Edit

Appearance: Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Onis: Street clothes and an Oni Mask.

Relationships: Edit

Bakeneko - Teammate (Onis and UJH NL)

Tartsche - Team Leader (UJH NL)

Gloom Glimmer - Teammate (UJH NL)

Spellgun - Teammate (UJH NL)

Outstep - Teammate (UJH NL)

Polymnia - Teammate (UJH NL)

References: Edit