All effects that, in some way, affect the perception of living beings fall under this classification. It is often split into internal and external effects. This is perhaps the second-most variable classification, as it includes all enhanced senses, all supernatural senses, psychometry, precognition, as well as illusions, invisibility and other sensory concealment effects. 

Example of Tiers Edit

This category is far too complex to be quickly broken down into labels, however, it can generally be divided into two categories.

Internal Perception: enhanced senses, expanded senses, precognition, postcognition, enhanced intelligence.

External Perception: Invisibility, Concealment effects in general, disruptions or enhancements of other people’s perceptions.

Arise due to Edit

Concealment effects are often rooted in the need to hide from something, or a severe lack of self-esteem, offensive effects due to a fear of being perceived by others - which may sound to be the same, but the base desire is different: someone who does not want to be perceived themselves gets a concealment effect, some effects often emerge due to a lack of sensory adequacy - one feels their senses to be inadequate for a task, and obtains enhancements to them. A feeling of mental inadequacy in general can lead to generally enhanced intelligence.

Known Metahumans: Edit

Atrocity (Savage Six) {Note: This is a secret}

Calculass (The Syndicate)

Kudzu (The Syndicate)

Mindstar (The Syndicate)

Original Matriarch, The