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This is the single most common effect observed, and a little more than two thirds of all metahumans express it. It comes in two variations: the Adonis and the Chimera Syndromes. Both, in general, provide physical and slight mental enhancements, including basic enhancements to existing senses.

The Adonis Syndrome, or Type, describes those who become superhumanly beautiful. Men gain toned or even exaggerated muscles, grow taller, etc; women gain hourglass figures, perfect skin, lush hair. Secondary and primary sexual characteristics are enhanced, as is sensitivity and the libido, essentially turning people into idealized versions of themselves.

The Chimera Syndrome does the opposite, twisting and deforming the body, often incorporating animal, mineral or mythological elements. It usually comes with far more advanced physical enhancements - in general, a level 2 Chimera is at least equal, if not slightly more improved than a level 3 Adonis - as well as expansions, like tails, claws, etc.

Physique powers are also the only ones that can be assigned a rating of zero, which means that it merely affects the outward appearance and maybe the overall health of a person.

Example of Tiers[]

Though the Tier system is still applicable, the Physique power generally expresses itself in three stages for Chimeras:

  • Stage 1: Humanoid, but clearly inhuman, often eerily beautiful in a clearly unnatural way, or half-animal hybrids (werewolves, catgirls), or unnatural compositions (metalmen, plant people)
  • Stage 2: May no longer be humanoid, or just barely so. Often quadrupedal, if it possesses such limbs at all. Includes freakish sizes - giants,  dwarves (as in, the size of babies or below)
  • Stage 3: These poor souls have gone beyond what is normally regarded as alive, and can usually not be recognized as human at all. Monstrosities made of shifting crystal prisms, swarms of golden scarabs, bodies made of pure energy and such are just some of the possibilities. Heretic (spheres and rods) and Hemming (no true form at all, needs to consciously hold a form so as not to morph) are two of the most well known examples of this stage.

Arise due to[]

The Adonis Syndrome usually manifests due to a feeling of physical inadequacy, often envy of beauty. And since almost all people have misgivings about their appearances and wish to look better, it is a power that is often assigned.The Chimera Syndrome often emerges due to non-standard manifestations (drug-overdose, onset of death, extreme physical and mental stress) or simply bad luck during the manifestation, random ideas and thoughts of both the emerging metahuman and all those surrounding him twisting the power’s effect on the body.

Known Metahumans:[]

Amy/Mindstar (The Syndicate) : Adonis

Casque Vert : Chimaera

Chayot (UJH Chicago) : Adonis

Dalia/Tyche (Brennus Team) : Adonis

Elouise/The Matriarch : Adonis

Father Manus : (UH Esperanza) Chimera

Gloom Glimmer (UJH New Lennston) : Adonis

Hecate (Brennus Team) : Adonis

Hemming (Savage Six) : Chimera

Heretic (Savage Six) : Chimera

Hollywood (UH Esperanza) : Adonis

Immanuel (Companions of the Future) : Adonis

Kraquok (The Syndicate) : Chimera

Lady Light : Adonis

Necrophobe : Chimera

Panthera Rex : Chimera

Patchwork : Chimera

Polymnia (UJH New Lennston) : Adonis

Pristine (Savage Six) : Adonis

Queen Madeline (AMU) : Chimera

The Sleeper : Chimera, It is unclear as of yet what the Sleeper is, but should it be a metahuman, it qualifies for this classification.

Waverider (UH Esperanza) : Adonis