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Point Zero is the main inciting incident where the timeline of our world and Brennus' world separate, though they were already slightly different. It is the point after which superpowers began to appear in their world, and where the timelines truly diverged.

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Point Zero occurred at 00:00 January 1st, 1923, in the basement of the Goldschimdt Mansion in Old Lennston. Gwen Whitaker and Peter Goldschmidt had just gotten engaged earlier that evening. They had created a large machine powered by Nikola Tesla's bladeless turbines in the nearby waterfall. When they turned it on, the doorway without a door in the core of the machine opened, pure white light flooded the room, and they laughed.

Beyond this, details become hazy. Ember, during his manifestation, saw it from the outside. He saw the mansion come alive with a thousand colors of light, before disintegrating. A pillar of light speared towards the sky, dismissing the few clouds, and turning night as bright as day. The pillar's top gave of circular emanations of light that spread to the horizons, circling the globe. He saw Lady Light arise, glowing gold and white, laughing, while The Dark crumpled to the ground, screaming in pain and despair, as shadows gathered around him.

The Dark mentions in his conversation with Ember that he opened the door, and saw a friend. He says that the reason he is now a villain is that he hesitated, where Lady Light did not. Who the friend was, or what he hesitated to do is unknown.

During Prisca's manifestation, she walked alongside the girl who would become Brightchild. The beggar girl had been eating food that Gwen, Peter and Jake left out for her, disguised as trash, to scared of them to accept any offers of aid. Eventually, on the night of Point Zero, while Gwen and Peter were in the basement working on the machine, Jake managed to convince her to come in, fed her, bathed her, and was singing her a lullaby when it happened. Prisca watched Jake flicker through various ages; old, young, a teen, a corpse, a baby, before vanishing. The little girl who would become Brightchild was surrounded by a force that took her from the crater, and placed her on a snowdrift, shaping the snow into a kind of half-cave that it left her in. "And she saw a bright star rising, as a beast of darkness screamed and howled and cried."

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There are a total of five Point Zero Manifestations.

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