Melody Stenton
Aliases Polymnia
Alignment Hero
Group UJH New Lennston
Rank Member
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Unknown
Power Classification Adonis (6)

Gadgeteer (3)

Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared B002 Rising Stars (Part 1)
Last Appeared Unknown

Description Edit

A superheroine member of the UJH New Lennston, her main power is Gadgeteering. Despite being mute, she is a pop music artist, and comes from a family of musicians. She is good friends with Gloom Glimmer.

Abilities Edit

Adonis 6 and Gadgeteer 3. Her gadgeteering seems to focus of sonic technology.

History Edit

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Stands about 1 m 60 cm high (5'3")

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Build like "A teenager's wet dream." Her armour is made of half-transparent dark blue material, under which she wears spandex shorts and crop top, both bright pink, as is her visor. Her hair and lips flicker through a variety of colours depending upon sound waves in the area. Her armour has ten spider-leg like appendages, four holding her up, four holding eight speakers each, and two holding up a keyboard with a ridiculous amount of buttons.

Relationships Edit

Gloom Glimmer - Friend and Teammate

Tartsche - Team Leader

Spellgun - Teammate

Outstep - Teammate

Osore - Teammate

Bakeneko - Teammate

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