Protection effects are all those effects that protect their user (and/or others) in some fashion, from extremely tough skin in excess of the Physique rating to force-fields, the ability to turn insubstantial (which nearly always entails a Movement rating as well), enhanced regeneration and so on.

Example of Tiers Edit

Exemplar Tier - These are the abilities to simply resist mundane damage better, up to being nearly bulletproof at level three.

Paragons Tier - A step up to the truly bulletproof metahumans, low levels of insubstantiality and so on.

Apex Tier - This tier brings us the first ‘invulnerable’ metahumans, like Amazon, who can take anti-tank rounds and keep swinging.

God Tier - Individuals who are almost completely untouchable by anything short of equally rated metahuman damage effects, such as the late Protector, who once survived a nuclear explosion and was only killed and only even harmed when he ran up against DiL.

Transcendent Tier - Desolation-in-Light's absolute defense. She cannot be harmed nor moved against her will.

Arise due to Edit

Protection abilities usually manifest due to an immediate need for protection against some form of harm.

Known Metahumans: Edit

Aap Oordra

Amazon (United Heroes)


Gloom Glimmer (UJH New Lennston)

Tartsche (UJH New Lennston)

Polymnia (UJH New Lennston)

Pristine (Savage Six)

Protector, The