In the new Werdenfeld-Manning-System, power are ranked on a scale from 1-13, subdivided into five tiers (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13). The gap between tiers is significant and noticeable, while the differences between abilities within a tier is harder to quantify.

  • Exemplar (1-3) - The most common power level, covering 68% of registered metahumans. Power here are clearly supernatural but not necessarily beyond the capabilities of technology
  • Paragon (4-6) - Powers become clearly and undeniably supernatural. Significantly Higher chance of mental defects, ranging from 11% at level four to 23% at level six.
  • Apex (7-9) - Powers become significantly stronger and more versatile, while the chance for mental defects rises, ranging from 38% to 56%
  • God (10-12) - The jump from Apex to God is nearly exponential, however the chance for mental defects ranges from 69% to 99%
  • Transcendent (13) - A Transcendent power breaks any and every frame of reference, to the extent that there is little point attempting to rank and categorize these powers. The chance of mental derangements  reaches 99%..