Aliases Skyfall
Alignment Villain
Group Companions of the Future
Rank Big Three
Nationality Mixed
Age Teenager, exact unknown
Family Unknown
Power Classification Unknown
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

The newest and youngest member of the Gefährten’s top executives. She is the one who was overseeing the project that led to Subject 444.

Abilities: Edit

No abilities have yet been revealed.

History: Edit

Ordered the performance test of the former Ascendant and Blauschewinge. Up until hearing what Blauschewinge called her, The Dark only knew that Skyfall was young, now young and female.

Personality: Edit

Appearance: Edit

Teenage, with unclear ancestry. She has long platinum blonde hair in a ponytail.

Relationships: Edit

Fearless Leader - Boss

Cloudlander - Colleague

Heaven's Dancer - Colleague

Dusu - Underling

The Ascendant - Underling (New and Old)

Blauschewinge - Underling (Former)

References: Edit