The Control classification encompasses all those powers which allow a metahuman to create agents, ranging from  simple remote-controlled automatons to fully independent, perhaps even sentient entities.

The ability often entails a unrated Perception or Control rating allowing the metahuman to completely control their creations or share their senses, respectively.

Tiers Edit

Exemplar Tier – effects that allow for the creation of small, non-sentient and non-powered entities out of thin air or up to medium-sized automatons out of existing material. Example Abilities: The ability to animate a single physical object.

Paragon Tier - effects in which the spawner is able either to animate several medium-sized constructs, a single larger construct, create medium-sized entities out of thin air or spawn semi-sentient entities of up to animal intelligence

Apex Tier - effects which allow the creation of several larger constructs out of existing material, large entities out of nothing, single, powered entities, and entities with near-human levels of intelligence.

God Tier–  effects in which the spawner can create several independent, fully sentient and meta-powered entities. Example: The Dark.

Transcendent Example: Level 13 -  Weisswald.

Arises due to Edit

It is usually born out of a desire for company, and is thus very close to the control power. Also, the immediate need for a protector, with no suitable target for control, may lead to the ability to create some manner of agent.

Another known trigger to show up more and more often is Loss. The loss of a loved one, or an idol, of any important figure in ones life.

Known Metahumans: Edit

Dark, The (The Syndicate)

Elouise/The Matriarch



Prisca/Gilgul (Brennus Team)