Description: Edit

Created by Weisswald, these monstrous beings seek to destroy all human life. They often appear as though made of white wood, though beyond that, everything can change. Some of the have organs, some do not. Some have organs of unknown or no use. They can move in ways that "Should not be possible". Each one has different quirks, and there are no weaknesses that apply to all Spiteborn.

Types: Edit

  • Branchlings
    • Attack-Centered: They are just as they sound- strong attack, quick movement, but will go down in one or two heavy hits.
    • Defense-Centered: While they can't dish out as much as their offense-based cousins, they can take far more punches.
    • Turrets: These are branchlings who have been degraded to having just enough to use their projectile weapon. They are completely immobile and used solely for the defense of the Acre.
  • Roots: Significantly stronger than branchlings, but practically immobile, they are capable of controlling all lower-tiered Spiteborn that come within their range.
  • Trunks: Extremely telepathically strong, they, like Roots, can control all lower-tiered Spiteborn within their range. They, unlike Roots, are capable of movement. The sole Trunk we know of was capable of flight, and this may extend to all trunks.
  • Blossoms: S class threat. Ridiculously telepathically strong. No more is known.

It is unclear whether this is applied to just Attack-Centered & Turret Branchlings, all Branchlings, or all Spiteborn, but some of them are capable of shooting a projectile-weapon of a black substance (what exactly it is is unclear) which can cause serious damage, even through Brennus' ceramic armour.

Acres: Edit

These are spawning grounds for Spiteborn. The sole example we have seen was over a mile below ground, and several square miles large. This acre, however, was connected to tunnels built by the Tunnelerer, who possibly created the cavern itself, implying that this might not be their regular habitat (If they have one.) They are often locatable by the large amounts of heat they give off.

History: Edit

Created by Weisswald, they have been around since the end of WWII.

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