The Ascendant
Aliases The Ascendant
Alignment Villain
Group Companions of the Future
Rank Member
Nationality Unknown

South American

Age *Deceased*


Family Unknown
Power Classification Contriver


Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared Interlude 7 Monkey Business part 2

B13.15 Call of the Sleeper

Last Appeared B011.15 Monkey Family


Description: Edit

One of the names passed down within the Gefährten. The Ascendant’s duty has, always, been to develop the means to deliberately create new metahumans. No holder of the title has ever been successful yet, in spite of extensive human experimentation. The Ascendant who has appeared in-story was responsible for the incident which created Chayot, Dearheart, Slough and The Jabberwocky, and killed more than a hundred people – most of them children – besides.

The New Ascendant seems to be some manner of Gadgeteer of some sort, possibly genetics focused. She is underneath Skyfall in the Gefährten.

Abilities: Edit

The first Ascendant seen in story was a contriver of some sort, possibly machinery-based. He seems to work with fluids most of the time.

The second's powers are unclear, she was some manner of Gadgeteer.

History: Edit

Was responsible for the simultaneous manifestation of Chayot, Dearheart, Slough and The Jabberwocky, the last of whom went insane, and killed many of Chicago's mental supers, including the original Matriarch.

The New Ascendant, together with Dusu created Subject 444, a replica/clone/necromantic(Unclear) version of Elysium at The Instillation.

Personality: Edit

Was apparently far more put together years ago, but has since declined into a desperate, pitiful man. This is most likely due to either his power degrading his mind, desperation from the pressure of the Gefährten are putting on him, in the form of taking away his name, or both.

Appearance: Edit

The first we saw was reasonably tall and thin, he wears a white priest's robe, and an angelic mask.

The New Ascendant was female, and appeared to be Indigenous South American, and was wearing scrubs and a lab coat, though that may have just been for working, and she may have some manner of costume we have not seen.

Relationships: Edit

Blauschwinge - Worked together in the trial to keep their names. (Old Ascendant)

Skyfall - Boss? Specifics unclear, though Skyfall outranks him significantly. (Old and New)

Dusu - Coworker (New)

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