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Franz-Peter Ismael Goldschmidt
Aliases The Dark
Alignment Villian
Group The Syndicate
Rank Leader
Nationality Jewish
Age 112
Family Lady Light(Wife)

Desolation in Light(Daughter) Gloom Glimmer(Daughter) Aaron/Aap Oordra(Son) Abraham Franz-Frecrick Goldschmidt(Father) Jennifer(Mother) Unknown number of siblings(2+)

Power Classification Spawner


Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared B001 First Run (Part 5)
Last Appeared Unknown


The Dark, also known as Franz-Peter Ismael Goldschmidt, also called the King of Supervillains, one of the two people responsible for Point Zero, the world's first Supervillain. Leader of The Syndicate.


Control of Darkness and Shadows, can create an unknown but extraordinarily large number of minions with varying levels of autonomy and power (High-tier Spawner). May also be a partial telepath.

According to Word of God, his theme is Humanity.


He was born January 1st 1900, at St. Mary's Mercy Memorial Hospital, Old Lennston, the same as Gwen Whitaker. Was raised in a Jewish family, with an undetermined number of siblings.

Secretly owns the Empire State Building, and has modified it to have doorways tall enough to fit his large frame.


Quirky and sometimes seemingly benign (actually so in regards to some, particularly family) he is not kind towards almost anyone else. He seems to care for his subordinates. He has a certain love for what he calls 'The Classics,' which seems to include things such as My Little Pony, Darkwing Duck, the Cthulhu Mythos, and more. Possibly due to influence growing up from Jake the Janitor, who seems to share this love.


Physical Appearance (Non-Cape/Cowl):[]

The Dark went through much trouble attempting to destroy any and all images of himself. However, what we can gather is that he is tall, has a hook-shaped nose, and that his eyes are deep, deep blue, nearly purple.

Cape/Cowl Costume:[]

Extraordinarily tall and perpetually cloaked in shadows, they take to form of a cloak waterfalling off of him. He has six, glowing red eyes, in three sets, one where his forehead would be, one corresponding with normal human eye placement, and the third set where his cheeks would be.


Abraham Franz-Frederick Goldshmidt - Father

Jennifer - Mother

An unknown number of siblings.

Lady Light - Wife

Aaron/Aap Oordra - Son (Not with Lady Light)

Desolation-in-Light - Daughter

Irene Diana Whitaker/Gloom Glimmer - Daughter

Amy/Mindstar - Subordinate (Dark Five)

Lamarr the Purple - Subordinate (Dark Five)

Wyrm - Subordinate

Kraquok - Subordinate (Dark Five)

Dajisi - Subordinate (Dark Five)

The Dowager - Subordinate (Dark Five)

Calculass - Current Sidekick

Sweetspot - First Sidekick

Cataclysm - Second Sidekick