The Instillation is an actual floating city, constructed and operated by The Companions of the Future. It is roughly disk shaped, with towers in the middle and at the edges, partitioned into two main sectors: North, for Gadgeteers, and South, for Contrivers. The Northern side looks like its from "one of those Japanese Cyberpunk shows", all grey, black, and silver, with neon lights, and uncountable cables, wires, and pipes. Meanwhile, the Southern side is strange and diverse. There are floating parts and crystal spheres, obelisks covered in glowing runes, greenery and twisted trees with glowing leaves, and a huge sphere of what looks like mercury at southern-most tip. The mercury sphere seems to be some manner of teleportation interdiction system.

Location: Edit

Near the Mariana Trench, above The Sleeper.

History: Edit

It was built at some unknown time, and was only discovered by Brennus after he created a mental image recorder after seeing visions of Crocell's birth. Before heading to The Instillation himself, Brennus informed every authority he could get his hands on of the information, which led to it being evacuated, though how far they got before The Dark arrived, and how successful they were after that point it unknown.

Points of Interest: Edit

Dusu & The New Ascendant's Lab: Edit

The lab where Dusu, The Ascendant and Syrinx work, and where Elysium's (Clone? Zombie? ???) fought the group.

The Central Tower: Edit

The tower in the middle of the instillation, at the top of which Immanuel stays, and where Tyche was teleported.

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