Created at an unknown point by unknown individuals, The Toybox is an internet forum for Gadgeteers of all alignments to converse and share ideas freely. Many gadgeteers post their outdated work here that others may use it. Gadgeteers are unique among power types in that they all have relatively similar abilities, and are almost all capable of hetrodyning without much issue. Exactly how known this platform is to non-gadgeteers is unknown, as it has never been mentioned by or around them.

While the Toybox does not actively support or go against anyone, due to being such a wide array of people, most of the time, it tries to avoid aiding Sovereign, the Red Council, or the Gefährten. Locksley, for instance, will financially aid most any gadgeteer with most any project, unless it is downright villainous, or the requester is in bed with one of these three.

People of Interest: Edit

Lord Buckethead - Admin (Triumvirate, Hero)

Locksley - Admin (Triumvirate, Neutral)

Jörmungandr - Admin (Triumvirate, Villain)

Nuckelavee - Syndicate Ambassador

Sir Lamorak - Rounds Ambassador

Brennus - Independent Cape

Peregrine - Independent Cape

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