Timothy Louis
Aliases Tim
Alignment Civilian
Group Associate to the Brennus Team
Rank Acting as mission controller for the team
Nationality American
Age 14
Family Unknown
Power Classification N/A
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared First Run 2 [1]
Last Appeared Unknown

Basil’s best friend, in spite of the rift that has formed between him and both Basil and Aimihime since they gained powers and changed their entire lifestyles.

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History Edit

He was the best friend of Basil since his arrival to New Lennston. Also studying at Diantha High School.

One of Tim’s grandfathers had died and it had turned out that he’d had some property that, upon being reviewed by the bank, had turned out to be worth quite a lot of money. And since Tim had, surprisingly, been the main benefactor of his grandfather’s testament, he’d been catapulted from working class to millionaire over night. In reality Amy had mind-controlled his grandfather to alter the testament.

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An Afro-American boy, even taller than Basil, hitting nearly two meters. A bit overweight – he usually described himself as ‘comfortably plump’ – and had middle-length dark brown hair done up in cornrows.

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Relationships Edit

Basil - Friend

Aimhime - Friend

Stephanie Ioupoulou - Girlfriend

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