Vasiliki Parapagadou
Aliases Hecate
Alignment Vigilante
Group Brennus Team
Rank Founding member
Nationality American of Greek origin
Age 14
Family Unknown
Power Classification Contriver
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared First Run 2 [1]
Last Appeared Unknown

Description Edit

Vasiliki Parapagadou is a heroine who works under the name Hecate and is a teammate of Basil, Dalia, and Prisca. She is a powerful, though inexperienced contriver who ‘enchants’ items she has personalized to meet her exacting standards. Her family owns a restaurant chain. 

Abilities Edit

Vasiliki is a Contriver, capable of achieving multiple effects through what she considers to be magic. She operates under the delusion that she has been granted her powers by the Ancient Greek goddess Hecate.


  1. Gems - Hecate's costume was embroidered by various red gems, granting her a protective quality.
  2. Staff - Hecate's staff is attuned with various different spells, such as a upward levitation spell, and one geared towards firing scarlet energy blast.
  3. Tuning Fork - Hecate's "Tuning Fork" can pick up emotional traces
  4. Cloak - No enchantments listed
  5. Movement Charm - The Movement charm is capable of turning her into a smoke form which can fly and move quickly.

Vasiliki also has a Physique power, at an unspecified but likely low rating.  She has a minor degree of Enhanced Strength, and is stated that she is only slightly better looking than she was before she manifested.

History Edit

Vasiliki triggered one summer when she smoked a joint in the Woods. On her first night out patrolling she went against the Snow Queen and met Brennus, and Tyche (Who didn’t have a cape name at the time). Her family runs a restaurant serving traditional Greek food. A cousin of hers was an environmentalist metahuman who encountered and fought Mindstar, ending in the cousin's death.

Personality Edit

Tends to obsess about rules and proper behavior, especially where grammar and general language use is concerned, her teammate Tyche tend to irritate her with the opposite personality, though this is somewhat intentional on Dalia's part. Vasiliki acts this way part of the psychological affect Hecate's powers have on herself.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Vasiliki has naturally tan skin and long, wavy black hair. She is described as wearing a self-made classical Greek amulet for protection against the evil eye.

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

As Hecate she wears a black skin-tight spandex suit bearing a skull-in-a-moon emblem with a crimson gemstone at its center, right between her breasts, and wore a deep green cape with a cowl. She also wears a pair of boots, gloves and a belt that are all the same color as the cape with a crimson gemstone on the belt’s buckle.

Relationships Edit

Basil/Brennus: Teammate of Vasiliki.

Dalia/Tyche: Teammate of Vasiliki

Prisca/Gilgul: Teammate of Vasiliki

Stephanie Ioupoulou - Childhood Friend

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