Adolf Hartmann
Aliases Weisswald
Alignment Villain
Group Companions of the Future(?)
Rank Unknown
Nationality German
Age *Deceased*
Family Unknown
Power Classification Spawning
Threat Rating S
First Appeared Unknown
Last Appeared Unknown

Description: Edit

Weisswald was the dictator of Germany during the second world war. He is the creator of the Spiteborn, whose goal is to kill all humans.

Abilities: Edit

Weisswald was the sole 13/13 Spawner to ever exist.

History: Edit

Dictator of Germany during the second World War. Responsible for over one Billion deaths. Killed nearly all of the Japanese Imperial family. Died after Lady Light went on a rampage when he killed Brightchild. Before he died, he created the Spiteborn, and is still followed by The Foresters.

Personality: Edit

Unclear. Said to be one of the most monstrous people to ever live.

Appearance: Edit

Relationships: Edit

Immanuel - Knew each other, specifics unclear.

Lady Light - Killer

References: Edit